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Braces Stain on Teeth - Causes, Treatment & Prevention

If you have braces, the day you are most looking forward to is when your Dentist will remove them. You're ecstatic to see a perfectly straight row of pearly white teeth. However, you may be dismayed if you discover that your teeth are slightly yellow around the brackets. Braces stains during braces therapy, on the other hand, are avoidable. However, it is also feasible to address this issue after the fact.

As a result, if you have stains due to braces, there is no need to be concerned. Our Dentist Glendale AZ are here to assist you. This article will cover the reasons, preventative measures, and treatment options for stains caused by braces.

What Causes Brown Teeth After Braces?

You can't be more incorrect if you believe that the continual pushing of braces wire and brackets is to blame. Braces do not cause dental discoloration on their own. Plaque and tartar buildup in your teeth is mostly to blame. Braces may make it difficult to properly clean your teeth at times.

Sugar and refined carbohydrates are the primary reasons for tooth decay.

They create plaque, germs, and cavities in your teeth. In addition, the acid generated by these components leaches minerals from your teeth. This creates a whitish gap in your teeth than other areas of your teeth. Eating foods that are otherwise prohibited while undergoing braces therapy is also to blame for the yellowed teeth afterward.

Braces Stain

Braces and Yellow Stains: What You Can Do To Prevent Them

If you're wearing braces right now, the following suggestions might assist you in avoiding yellow teeth after braces:

Your Dentist must have given you brushing and flossing instructions. You should follow those directions to the letter. After each meal, it is recommended that you brush your teeth as a part of your braces treatment. The leftover food particles cause stain-causing cavities and germs in your mouth, which is why they are brushed after every meal.

For further protection against germs, add mouthwash and flossing to your cleaning regimen. They may go places where your regular toothbrush can't.

You may desire to delay or postpone your dental cleaning appointment due to your hectic lifestyle. That, however, would be a huge error. Your Dentist replaces outdated ligatures or rubber bands with new ones during these routine cleanings. The old one in your mouth may be the source of braces stains. Food particles may become lodged within them.

Aside from the obvious reason of maintaining your teeth clean, there are several advantages to making appointments with your Dentist on a regular basis. Regularly visiting your dentist for a dental check-up and discussion about the braces treatment is critical. In addition, they can notify you if there's a chance of stains caused by braces in the early phases of treatment.

We're talking about the same food and beverages that your Dentist advised you to avoid while undergoing braces treatment. The irony is that some of your favorite foods and drinks are behind this problem. Coffee, soft drinks, teas, tomato sauce, paste, dark-colored juices, acidic and starchy meals, soy sauce, pickles, cranberries, alcohol (and other items) are examples of foods which cause yellow discoloration during braces.

The permanency of stains after braces

There is some good news for you! The stains caused by the braces are not permanent. Dentistry veneers and micro abrasion are two procedures that may improve yellow teeth's appearance following braces. In the next part of this chapter, we'll go through these methods in greater depth.

Your Dentist, on the other hand, will advise you to wait before beginning any of these teeth whitening plans. Because your braces stains might become less apparent in time as a result of their regular interaction with your saliva.

Braces on Teeth

Ways To Get Rid Of Braces Stains

Here are three tried-and-true methods for correcting tooth discoloration after braces:


Veneers are thin shells that cover the front of your teeth. They're made to appear natural since they're created for each person's teeth color. Dentists, on the other hand, frequently advocate their use in extreme cases.

Micro abrasion

Micro abrasion is the process of polishing teeth with pumice and diamond. During this treatment, the dentist will sand off the enamel, the top layer of your teeth, to remove braces stains. This shipping and polishing exposes your new enamel layer. It is whiter and almost immaculate.

Teeth Whitening

Over-the-counter or internet teeth whitening treatments include pastes and strips. These items aid in the fading of stains as well as making your teeth seem whiter. Professional teeth whitening from a competent dentist, on the other hand, is significantly superior than over-the-counter whitening products


To Sum Up!

Braces stains are common, and they don't have to discourage you. Visit your Dentist to find out what treatment is appropriate for your situation. This is something that can be prevented by following good hygiene practices. It may also be treated with the right therapy if handled correctly. Don't allow any concerns get in the way of your goal smile.

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