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Five Things to Consider Before Getting Dental Implants

Dental implants are a type of prosthetic solution that restore the appearance and function of teeth by using dental impressions to fabricate artificial teeth or bridges that feel and function similarly to natural ones. They use titanium or zirconia roots, which are implanted in the jawbone to support the false teeth. Implants protect remaining teeth while also providing a framework for the jawbone's stability.

A dental implant procedure is simple and painless. It's a good option for individuals suffering from chronic dental issues or teeth that are disintegrating. To ensure natural-looking dental implants, choose a dentist with expertise in this area.

Count on Glendale Dentist to provide you with dental implant services, such as single tooth replacement and whole arch replacement. We offer comprehensive dentistry services, including aesthetic and restorative dentistry.

Before You Get Dental Implants, There Are a Few Things to Consider

There are certain things to consider before getting dental implants that you should be aware of:

1. Bone Wellness

Dental implants will not be successful if there isn't enough bone to integrate and support the prosthesis. Bone loss may harm your implants. Loss of a tooth, cavities, or infection are examples of factors that can cause bone loss. To schedule an examination regarding your bone density and whether dental implants are the best treatment option for you, speak with your dentist immediately. In case of bone loss, your dentist might recommend a bone transplantation procedure for dental implant surgery.

2. Smoking

Although dental implants are more durable than natural teeth, smoking can cause them to fail. For a dental implant surgery, your dentist may advise you to quit smoking for a week before and two months after the operation. The implant should integrate with the surrounding bone without impairing its function after the operation.

3. Comprehending the Procedure

Know everything there is to know about implants before you get one. There will be a thorough dental examination, including your medical history and X-rays, prior to the procedure. Your dentist will create a personalized treatment plan for you based on your needs. The healing period will vary depending on your bone health, although it is generally around two to four months in duration. A unique crown is created and attached to the implant after the entire implant integration is completed.

4. Regular Checkups

A regular checkup verifies that the implant procedure is proceeding as planned and that the bone integration is painless. Gum swelling or minor bleeding may be noticeable after the operation. Your dentist might give medicine to help you with any discomfort you experience. In order for there to be no major issues, frequent inspections are required.

5. Keeping Your Implants in Good Condition

Brush and floss your implants, just as you do with natural teeth. To cleanse plaque and tartar, brush and floss on a regular basis. specialized brushes that assist in cleaning the area surrounding the teeth and gums are also available. Avoid chewing hard foods for at least 6 weeks after surgery to avoid damaging your crowns.

Implants are also beneficial in keeping your current dentures in place and preventing them from shifting. Implants aid in the preservation of your mouth by stimulating healthy bone development. For over ten years, the skilled staff at Glendale Dentist has been placing implants. We also offer general dental care, including single-visit crowns, teeth whitening, pediatric dentistry, and root canal therapy.

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